Courses offered at YMCA Kampala branch

YMCA Kampala Branch
YMCA Kampala Branch

YMCA Kampala Branch is one of the six Branches of Uganda YMCA Comprehensive Institute.

The Institute offers a variety of professional Diploma and Certificate Courses on both day and evening programs.

The Institute was started in 1986 purposely to enable the Youth who had dropped out of formal education to gain skills through the vocational training.

Diploma courses/programmes offered at YMCA Kampala branch

Diploma Courses: 290,000/=
Certificate Courses: 270,000/=
English Course for Adult Learners 240,000/=
Hostel (Female) – Accommodation & Meals: 460,000/=

For Catering, Computer, Electrical Engineering, Journalism, Industrial Art & Design, and Cosmetology (per term) 20,000/= as additional for practical materials

Contact Us

0414 233294, 0414 – 232856

P.O.Box 2871, Kampala Uganda, Plot 37 – 47 Buganda Road, Near Wandegeya Police Station.

You can email: Or visit the Admission Office for  more information in the ICT Building, 1st Floor 3rd Room.

3 Responses to "Courses offered at YMCA Kampala branch"

  1. musanje erisa   Mar 19, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    hi management i want to bring my brother to YMCA but i don’t know the updated prices of the courses and i think he may do btn travel and tourism management or custom clearance and forwarding ,or busness management i have not decided yet i need to see the price and then get a choice or i will seek the administration advice please for that i will be happy thank you

  2. JAMES SSEKAMJAKO   Dec 5, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    AM HEREBY INTENDING TO APPLY AT YMCA so could you please send your tuition structure and the requirements?! Thank you

  3. JAMES SSEKAJJAKO   Dec 5, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    Am hereby intending to join YMCA but i request for the requirements structure and the tuition structure please! Thank you