Besigye Arrested; Police fires Teargas to Disperse Crowds [Photos]

Police fired teargas, live bullets to disperse crowds as Besigye beat security to make a surprise appearance in Kampala City.

There was public excitement around New Taxi park as Kiiza Besigye emerged from his car attracting the nearby people who gathered around him. Police acted swiftly, arrested Besigye and reportedly drove him to Nagalama Police Station in Mukono district.

Chaos erupted as the crowds tried to resist police from taking away what they called “the peoples president.”

Police said Besigye had been arrested after he changed his program from going for prayers at Christ the King Church to going to buy clothes in the city.

FDC had promised to hold parallel swearing in to that of President Museveni tomorrow 12th may. Police acted promptly by deploying at all FDC leaders homes. Besigye’s emergence in the heart of Kampala was a surprise.

FDC annouced yesterday that they would parallel elections

Wafula Oguttu, the leader of opposition in parliament would later write on his Facebook page: “Congratulations, Dr Kizza Besigye on your difficult but successful swearing -in today as the People’s President of Uganda. It is sad that power usurpers have interrupted our joy by arresting you for going down town to greet your supporters. God is great.”

The party tweeted that Besigye had been sworn, promising to late produce evidence. The party said Besigye will focus on forming a unity government.