MAK GUILD RACE:FDC Sets Challenge, Losers In Primaries Back Winner

Paul Kato leading the procession to the guild offices

The Makerere University FDC chapter has set a challenge to other political party chapters as all candidates that lost in the primaries back the flag bearer for nominations.

Paul Kato who won the FDC flag yesterday led the procession to the guild offices for nominations which included all the three candidates that lost to him in the primaries.

Unlike in the 81st and 82nd guild races where William Mukula and Umaru Nsubuga came as independent after losing primaries to Mwine Musa and Dick Rodgers Ainomugisha respectively, citing electoral malpractices, No candidate who participated in the FDC primaries has been nominated as independent.

According to the Chairman of the Chapter, Brian Katana, it only the FDC party that can exercise full democracy.

“Candidates in other parties have to come as independent because they are not always satisfied with the electoral at the primaries…democracy must start with you as an individual,” submitted Katana.

Among the 17 dully nominated candidates according to the Chairman Electoral Commission(EC) Isaac Otuku, it is revealed that two lost in the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) primaries and came as independent and other two candidates that lost in the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The nominated are; Mercy Faith Lakisa, WillianKaramagi, Simon Wanyera, Paul Kato, James Kazungu, Stephen Bukomeko, LulicanAgadi, Ruth Nsubuga, Doreen Alituha, Kenneth Isaac Isabilye, Bonny Eyen, Andrew Ssentale, Timothy Ssambwa, Emmanuel KizitoLuwakya, Abdu Kareem Zilitwaula, Henry Kihika and OngomOngomAdero