Zilitwawula to petition university electoral tribunal over Paul Kato’s victory as Makerere university Guild President

Abdul Kareem Zilitwawula addressing the rally at UH

Independent guild presidential candidate Abdul Kareem Zilitwawula is to file his petition before Makerere University Electoral tribunal committee, challenging Paul Kato’s victory in the recent concluded guild elections.

On Friday April 7, 2017, Paul Kato (FDC) was declared the winner of the guild elections with 5205 votes by Isaac Otuku-the Chairman Electoral Commission.

The petitioner was the second with 4369 votes and Marcy Faith Lakisa became third with 1567 votes.

There were 14 candidates in the guild race.

Almost all the other twelve candidates conceded defeat and congratulated Paul Kato upon his victory, however, this was not the case with Zilitwawula as he has been quiet over the issue.

According to an insider who is familiar with the information, Zilitwawula’s camp has been collecting signatures from different students as one of the ways to strengthen their petition.

Another source that requested anonymity told Campus Times that the petition is based on several grounds among which include rigging at some schools and delayed voting process at his (Zilitwawula) winning grounds.

According to the new guild constitution as amended (February 2016) provides for the creation of the Guild Election Petition Tribunal under article 80.

It is composed of a University council member as its chairman, the guild advisor, the legal advisor, the speaker, the deputy speaker, and the two chaplains of both St. Francis and St. Augustine Chapels, and the Imam.

Students are to vote  for the Guild Representative Councilors (GRC’s) on Wednesday 12  2017 and swearing in is expected on Tuesday April 18, 2017