Undergraduate Degree and Diploma courses at Uganda Martyrs University

Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) is a Catholic founded university established in 1993. UMU is one of the private chartered universities in Uganda. Uganda Martyrs University offers a number of programmes both at Diploma and Degree levels. To qualify, one must be holding a Secondary School Certificate and the appropriate A-level certificate. A minimum of Two […]

Thank you,Guild president of Makerere university

Anna Adeke Ebaju, a Law Student and a supporter of FDC, became the forth female Guild president of Makerere University with a landslide victory of 6,609 votes (60.87%) early this year. The campus times brings you her thanking victory massage to the students of Makerere university. From this day forth my feet are guided by […]

Scholarships for Bachelor and Masters degree programmes

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), in collaboration with Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) is offering scholarships for Bachelor and Masters degree  programmes to students. The scholarships fall in two areas:  (1) Local Governance and Human Rights (Bachelor and Masters Degree), (2) Democracy and Development Studies (Bachelors Degree)  A  total  of  12 scholarships  are  available  and  shall  […]

Patriotism starts with the love for your culture

The best way of promoting patriotism in Africa is by encouraging citizens to love and be proud of their cultures, tribes & clans. But there are some people in Uganda who don’t love their cultures and they pretend to be Patriots of this country. Surely aren’t those guys leading us into a ditch? How can […]

Courses offered at Uganda Christian University

Courses offered at Uganda Christian University

  Uganda Christian University was the first private University in Uganda to be granted a charter by the Government of Uganda. The Campus Times brings a list of courses taught at UCU at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship Bachelor of Arts in Languages Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication […]

Uganda Christian University, the first private University to get a charter

Uganda Christian University was the first private University in Uganda to receive a university charter from the Government of  Uganda. The Government of Uganda granted a charter to Uganda Christian University in 2004. A university charter is the highest level of national accreditation.  Uganda Christian University was founded when the historic Bishop Tucker Theological College […]