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The true meaning of Makerere University students’ strikes

On the 21st September 2017, Makerere students went on strike as a move to join the rest of other Ugandans that wanted to exhibit their dissatisfaction on the anticipated presentation of the age limit bill on the floor of Parliament. It was an endorsement of a nationwide K`ogikwatako (literally meaning Dare touch it) campaign that preached against the vacation of article 102(b) from the constitution of Uganda.  In the course of the strike, police reacted by deploying military and police officers at the main campus of Makerere University. Students as they always do, kept chanting anti K’ogikwatako songs and...

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Makerere University reaps big from the Makerere hill road

Makerere University has earned itself a new look with nine roads constructed, safer paved walkaways and street lighting. This is made possible using the compensation funds secured from the Government of Uganda during the implementation of the Kampala institutional and Infrastructural Development Project (KIIDP2) in particular, the Makerere hill road. These new university roads stretch a total of three kilometers and are constructed by contractors procured by KCCA. Some of the new roads in Makerere University are around, University Hall, Mary Stuart Hall, Lumumba Hall, Mitchel Hall, Livingston Hall, and the Institute of Technology. The well-lit roads are a...

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Government to increase verification fees on imported medicines

The Ministry of Health, under the presidential investor Round Table has been tasked to support domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers in doing business in Uganda. This is to be realized through the implementation of  12% Verification fee on selected imported medicines. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda says that this action will attract more pharmaceutical manufactures to set up industries in the Country. “This will not only promote access to safe, efficacious and quality medicines for our population, but create linkages to other sectors like packaging, construction and others. In addition, the presence of local manufacturing industries will also create...

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Dating: Online media making long distance relationships memorable

Long distance relationships are ones where two or more people are connected together in their emotional and sexual association but operating between distant places for example One in a given country and the other in another one. Such relationships were very hard to manage in terms of money, emotional support, sexual satisfaction, among others over the past days. This is no longer a challenge with the advent of new technologies for example the online media in form of Emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, MSN, Online games, among others that almost create a similar feeling to that of a normal relationship. Online...

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