Government grants 75bn to rehabilitate Kyambogo University

Government grants 75bn to rehabilitate Kyambogo University

Kyambogo University Main BuildingGovernment has set aside 75bn that will see the rehabilitation of notably laboratories, libraries and art rooms to world standards to help revamp the outlook and increase the quality of academic output at Kyambogo University.

The revelation was made in a statement read by Education Minister, Jessica Alupo while officiating at the 11th graduation ceremony of Kyambogo University.

A total of 7,200 students are to be awarded certificates, diploma and degrees in various academic courses in a three days ceremony that kicked off on Wednesday 14th January 2015. The ceremony will go on till Friday 16th January.

Speaking with vigor, the education minister told the staff of Kyambogo University that the president was due to commission the project in the next three days.

Alupo also hailed the management of the university for the peace that has prevailed in the institution for over a year amid various management squabbles that once led to the closer of the institution for a longer period of time.

Meanwhile, three students emerged as best performers tying at a CGP of 4.89. They included;

  • Opio Andrew from the Faculty of Education
  • Jogh Lubaale from that of Science
  • Albert Agaba from the Faculty of Engineering.
    Kyambogo is the second largest public university in Uganda

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