Nalika Hostel has a greater build up of reputation in Kikoni- Makerere area. It is one of the older hostel establishments.

Though not well placed in the pearls of the best service providers, the services and the structural plan of this hostel is worth the name of a hostel accommodating students of Makerere university .

According to some students Campus times talked to, majority agreed that Nalika Hostel is among the renowned hostels in Kikoni valley.

This Hostel too is full of life. Unlike others with a degree of restriction especially on the entrants (visitor), Nalika is an open place but with a commendable degree of security supervision; though Nalika’s residents seem to move in and out freely.

Information breakdown

Hostel’s name: Nalika Hostel

Location:Kikoni Makerere

Gender specification: Mixed (For male and female students of Makerere university)

Services available: shuttle, subsidized restaurant services among other high class accommodation.

Charges: ranges from ushs 500,000 and above depending on class.

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