What makes a good university hostel

What makes a good university hostel
comfort in your rented hostel will have a huge impact on how much you enjoy all other aspects of your time at university
Comfort at a hostel will impact on your study time at university

Factors to consider for a good hostel: Good hostels are always hard to come by but the reason a hostel is good has more to do with the people staying there than the physical location, security, sanitation, distance, sex of the people living in the hostels, noise and extra.

Though there are many hostels around the different universities, it’s hard to tell the good from the bad and if you’re joining campus soon, there’s no better place to stay in than a hostel.

However, staying in a hostel that knows a student’s needs is always better because it simplifies the student’s study life thus enhancing his or her career dreams.

Here are a some tips to consider when choosing a good hostel:

Location and distance. Location is the single biggest divider between good hostels and great ones. For many hostels, the nearer they are to the university, the more expensive they tend to be.

Cost/Price: Factors like the comfort offered at the hostel influences the price charged per semester. In the case of  self-contained rooms, the prices are always higher. So depending on your pocket and your preferences, you are able to decide. Some hostel rooms can be shared by two people while others by only one person.

Cleanliness: Something many students take for granted, cleanliness standards vary widely among hostels and can drastically affect the quality of your stay thus impacting on your academics. Cleanliness seems to be the top reason certain hostels land in the “horror” category. Decent showers or bathrooms, the absence of discernible pests, and some sort of linen turn-over system are all good bottom-line benchmarks.

Sex: There are particular hostels catering for either male or female students only and those that are mixed; accommodating both males and females. It’s better for a university student to opt for a single sex hostel than a mixed one for cases of maximum academic concentration.

Security is key for a good hostel. No one likes staying in a hostel where security is not good. So consider choosing a hostel with maximum security such that your property and yourself will be safe 24/7.

Noise. It could be difficult to find a hostel with very quiet surroundings. When looking for a hostel, ask what the average noise level is. There is an extreme difference between a family oriented area and a street lined with bars. You don’t want to be finding this out after you’ve booked the the hostel. If you currently live in a city, the noise will be no louder than you are used to at home. If you are used to living in a more residential neighborhood, it might be more of an adjustment.

Privacy: For some students, privacy defines a good hostel. After a stressing day at campus with course works, one should be able to resign back to a quiet hostel.

Amenities. Your comfort in your rented hostel will have a huge impact on how much you enjoy all other aspects of your time at university. Have realistic expectations during your hostel search as amenities like balconies, elevators, and common rooms may not be common.

Power and Water supply are other factors not to ignore. Find out if the hostel has a generator in case electricity goes off.

There are many things which make up a good hostel not included in this list, but these are the absolute basics for a memorable good hostel for a university student.

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