10 powerful quotes by Joshua Cheptegei

10 powerful quotes by Joshua Cheptegei

Joshua Chepetegei a Ugandan and a four times World Record breaker in 2020 has risen from zero to hero. He is a sports man, a father and husband. Here are his 10 powerful quotes to inspire you.

“I was able to understand and believe that I am a strong man, and that’s why you can see a lot records are falling.” – Joshua Cheptegei.

“We actually did 3.2km within the world record pace, so that give me more extra motivation, extra energy to say, ‘Joshua, you know what? You are ready for it.’”

“I believe that in normal conditions when the body is really strong, like I was in Monaco with moderate temperatures, I can still do 12:29, 12:30.” – Joshua Cheptegei

“It has been in my dreams to break the 10,000m world record. It will happen!”

“What keeps me going is that every day I want to be the best. Every day comes and presents an opportunity for me to become the best of the best.”

“So many people said a lot of negative things about me. The same people who were criticising me in 2017 are the same people who are now saying, ‘He is our man.’ It is really outrageous, ridiculous but such things happen.”

“These kinds of enormous performances could reflect how running is going to happen in the future. People are going to have a lot motivation going to the Olympic Games next year.”

“My dream is to become Olympic champion. I’m still in love with the 10K on track. If I can first win the 10k then try and maybe medal in the 5k or even win both, that would be special for me.”

“He once told me that, ‘When you are constantly negative, you don’t achieve much. You don’t always need to complain. Just forget it, leave it in your past and look for new challenges’.” Joshua Cheptegei on Eliud Kipchoge

““Both guys have really inspired me, they are my role models. All I can say is, ‘May the best man win.'”


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