36 party addicts from Levels Lounge detained by Police.

36 party addicts from Levels Lounge detained by Police.

As the entire country is shaken up by the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic, several restrictions have been put in place to curb it.

The public still considers them useless and hard to adhere to. Last year in March, several business operations were closed by the government; which included bars and clubs.

Kampala Metropolitan Police raided Levels Lounge in Kamwokya, along Kiira road last night.

Levels Lounge Kamwokya

The territorial police conducted an operation and a total of 36 party addicts have been arrested from Levels Lounge, said Owoyesigyire, the KMP DeputySpokesperson.

Some managed to narrowly escape while the rest have been detained to be handled by the higher authorities.

This bar was operating outside the presidential guidelines of curbing COVID-19, including all those other clubs that have not yet been revealed publically.

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