5 tips on how to gain weight

5 tips on how to gain weight

Whereas a big number of people struggle to loose weight, their is that portion dying to gain some. Do you want to add some weight? here are tips on how to do it.

Eat more

Food is one of the reasons people gain weight. The portion and type of food you eat matters. As some people eat two to three times a day, you could go to up to 5 times a day. Fill your plate each time and wait for the results. Eat a balanced diet to avoid slipping to obesity.

Eat fatty food

As people trying to lose weight avoid fatty foods, you may consider eating some. Fatty foods will help you gain a few calories. However don’t take too much as this may give you unnecessary weight.

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Food rich in fats will help you gain more calories

Use diary products and bi products

Embrace milk, beef, cheeses, ice cream among others. All these are rich in proteins which will help you gain weight.


Exercising will rejuvenate your body, they open pours, aid in easy digestion, increase blood flow to the heart and increases appetite. Besides that, you don’t want to gain weight and stay unhealthy or out of shape.

Some of the exercises include swimming, walking, cycling, jogging among others.

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Working out will keep your body in check

Avoid stress

Stress is a silent killer, it takes a way appetite, sleep and the will to do things that can keep you healthy and happy. Use exercises like Yoga, running or swimming to reduce stress. Try not to think of things that have gone wrong in your life but rather be grateful for the good things you have. A peace of mind will earn you a few kgs in no time.

Watch the video below to learn more on how to lose weight

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