As the exhibition show kicks off at UMA, Lugogo on Monday, different exhibitors have turned up in huge numbers.

With an entrance fee of 10,000 ugx per day by participants, a seven day business exhibition show shall run until Sunday night.

The International Universities of East Africa being one of the exhibitors has taken advantage of the exhibition by showcasing a solar powered and electronic tractor alongside the electronic bikes that are an innovation of the University students.

According to the University consultant and head of the exhibition team for IUEA at UMA Mr. John John Jacob,” the objective today is to sensitive and creat awareness of people regarding the IUEA bikes and tractor.”

The 150 electric bikes are on pilot test in the field in line with their effeciency, capability and capacity however the electric tractor is also run by cells and solar power, Jacob said.

He also disclosed that the IUEA shall by 14th and 16th 2022 launch a food security and symposium with all stake holders themed,” linking climate change ,food security and well being,” and expecting close to 700 participants across different nations.


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