8 Things Students Should Know Before Writing Their First Resume

8 Things Students Should Know Before Writing Their First Resume

Are you a student? Are you worried about writing your first resume? It is normal to be concerned. Also, it is understandable that you have none or less to significant work experience.

The first thing to understand is that your first resume is not about work experience. 

This is the reason why you’re applying for “fresher roles” and “entry-level jobs.” However, if you have the experience, you can then include it.

Here are some points to guide you on  ‘How to Write Your First Resume.’


Keyword Research

Before you start writing your first resume, note down relevant keywords that you see on relevant job posts or the specific job post you’re targeting. These keywords include such skills that frequently appear in job posting. 

You must carefully read the skills and job roles posted by the employer on the job ad. This will give you a great idea of skills and particular words that employers are targeting in your industry. 

Not down all such words. Out of all the keywords you’ve listed, choose that match the best with your qualifications as well as job requirements.

Stick to a Standard Format

You can also use Resume templates that will ease your writing.


Here is what your resume must not look like:

  • Do not use fancy fonts and colours. Your resume needs to look professional and not like one designed by a 10-year-old.
  • Not a banner ad: Your resume should not be too long. However, it does not mean that you come up with a resume that looks like a banner ad. Your resume can’t say “Hey, sup? Engineer graduate here, hire me NOW!”

A standard resume contains your name and basic info on the top. It is followed by an objective. Just below the objective, you list down your skills. This is followed by work experience (if any). Below that, you need to include education history. Wrap up the resume with your notable accolades and achievements.

Include an Objective

An objective defines what you’re looking for. This is a brief summary about you and your professional aspirations. You must write a unique career objective that displays your career goals. It should not be longer than three sentences.

Highlight Your Skills

Right below the objective, list your skills. While writing the skills, take the help of keywords that you’ve researched. This is the most important part of your first resume. You must list all the relevant and necessary skills. Before writing the skills,  read about the job that you’re applying for.

Keep It Relevant

When you’re writing your first resume, the chances are good that you do not have any relevant work experience to list. Do not worry about that as most of the students do not have an experience like you. Avoid mentioning any experience that is not relevant to the job that you’re applying for.

For instance, if you’re applying for the role of a sales executive, the employer will not be impressed with your internship gig as a web developer. You should list accolades and interests that are relevant.

Highlight Your Education

As a student who is looking for his first job, you must emphasize your education history starting with your highest degree, followed by lower degrees.

Keep It Neat and Short

The resume should be one page long, utmost two pages. It should be easy on the eye. Use the appropriate fonts and leave adequate space between sections.

No Mistakes

Take time to proofread your CV before you submit to correct any possible errors. Ask your elders to read it. This includes your parents, older siblings, neighbours or any friend who’s a working professional. They all have been there and can guide you with anything that needs improvement on your resume.








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