10 days of multimedia and Digital skills for Mountains of the moon University training of journalism students and lecturers that commenced on Tuesday 6th April 2021 is scheduled to end tomorrow.

Journalism students during their multimedia and digital skills training

10 days of multimedia and Digital skills for MMU training for journalism students and lecturers that commenced on Tuesday 6th April 2021 will end tomorrow 15th April 2021.

The training that’s being carried out by the organization of Ultimate Media Consult is aiming at equipping journalism students and lecturers with the skills of using digitalized new media focusing on multimedia elements of storytelling.

Students have been trained different digital skills in new media modern technologies among these skills are Multimedia storytelling, New media thinking, Internet search strategies for journalists, Basic web design, Writing for online and mobile, audio, video, graphics producing, publishing & sharing and digital security & safety basics.

Gerald Businge Ateenyi, the team leader of Ultimate media consult has revealed his sincere gratitude for being at MMU with his team to carry out training of journalism students. He has appreciated the attendants for being committed to the training activities and eager to learn new ways of doing journalism. However, Businge identified a gap with in students for lacking materials required in practicing their profession. He has recommended the University to avail tools the students can use during their course of study and to continue encouraging as well as mentoring them in their field of practice.

Businge said his team will continue partnering with other universities to help in mentoring students to explore the tools they have shared with MMU students and make sure they excel in them.

Businge Gerald team leader Ultimate media Consult on training

Speaking to some of the students who have attended the training, most of them have expressed gratitude and love for the training citing that it has yielded fruits of acquiring basic knowledge & skills on use of internet in relation to journalism practice.

Hajarah Lubega, one of the attendant of the training has acknowledged the purpose of the training citing that she has learnt much on new New media journalism practice and appreciated the organization for it’s great work of training students. She has requested the team to do the same at least annually.

Hajarah Lubega on training

Tumwebaze Phillip another student of the training has also applauded the training stipulating that it has helped him learn new skills in Multimedia storytelling and writing among other skills. He also appreciated authorities of Mountains of the moon University for accepting the organization carry out this training in the University.

Tumwebaze Phillip on training

The Dean of Arts and social Sciences Basemera Doreen has appreciated Ultimate Media Consult organization for their relentless efforts and patience to equip their students with the skills in new media journalism. She has requested them to often come and help their students acquire such skills.

Dean of Arts and Social sciences on training

Students are expected to be awarded with certificates at the end of the training. They have also been involved in Multimedia storytelling competitions and the best two story tellers will be awarded accordingly depending on their application of digital skills they been trained.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult (U) Ltd (UMC) is multimedia journalism and communications organisation offering value added news, information and knowledge products, services and training. This organization offers Multimedia services, products, training and facilitates provision and access to news, information and knowledge in better ways.

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