A player will call you sweet names in your inbox

Not all smiles are a sign of loveHow to know  a player on face book
He will be call you sweet names in your inbox…but on your wall, he or she will refer to you as  “dear “or your name…

If you comment on his photo…he or she will only say “thanks dear “to avoid his other lovers from doubting.

Post lovely quotes on her/his wall and check back after 10 minutes, it won’t be on her/his wall any more.

If you update a status, instead of him/her commenting on your wall…. you will just get a comment in your inbox.


If you call him/her sweet names on his wall i.e honey….he won’t reply. The best thing he will do, is to ‘like’ the comment.

If you update a status she/he won’t comment on it on your wall….but will be telling you about the status
in your inbox…….lol….Which category is your lover?


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