A true friend is like a penis, he stands up for you

A true friend is like a penis, he stands up for you in times of need. A genuine friend is like a bra, she supports you at all times. A faithful friend is like a condom , he protects you from all harm.

A loving friend is like a vagina, she accommodates you fully despite the size of your problem. what kind of a friend are you to me? Penis, condom, bra or vagina friend?

Do you know that the penis is the greatest breakfast ever? According to doctors it has a mushroom head, a sausage body, two eggs and milk which provides nutrients.

Thus making ladies healthy and full for 9 months. Besides it has 3 good manners too.

1. Its very courteous, it stands before it performs

2. It is very emotional, it weeps during performance

3. It is polite, it bows after performing.

Send to ladies 2 laugh and to men 2 make them happy and proud of themselves!

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