Abortion: Cause Of Death in Women

Abortion: Cause Of Death in Women

All over the world women experience unwanted pregnancies. Some of these women terminate the pregnancy by safe medical means, if possible but often by whatever available.

The termination of pregnancies most generally known as “abortion” is a universal phenomenon occurring throughout all levels of societal organization and recorded history.

Abortion is not unique at any point in time or level of societal organization. It has existed before history started to be recorded

Abortion is the expulsion of the fetus from the womb during the first twenty-eight (28)weeks of pregnancy (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 5th Edition ’95). To some people in the society particularly the religious, it is a vice affecting every nook and cranny of the world (Jeje, 2001).

According to The Center for Human Development,  women get  pregnant by the age of 20 in some communities.

Some get pregnant between the ages of 15 and 17 and become mothers by the age of 18. This is to say that abortion among adolescents is high.

Adolescence is the period when children begin to identify some notable change in their physical body such changes would make them aware of their bodies. Changes like growth of the breast, beginning of menstrual period among women, broadness of the chest and growth of hairs in the pubic areas in both boys and girls.

Abortion or termination of unwanted babies among adolescents owes to so many reasons ranging from poverty, illiteracy, incompetence and so many other reasons.

An embryo being evacuated

Abortion in some countries is legal and illegal in some countries.

Only few countries in Africa allow abortion and problems relating to pregnancy are the leading cause of death in women of childbearing age(s), with complications from abortion consistently rendering at the top list.

For every 100,000 abortion in Africa, 680 women die. This is over twice the average for

developing nations and 680 times the number of developed countries.

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