Accommodation at Cavendish University: options for students

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A slum in Kabalagala where most Cavendish students reside.

Cavendish university is a private institution which was started in 2008 in Uganda Kampala. Cavendish university has 40 nationalities. The majority of the students at Cavendish are the international students who come from outside Uganda.

The university does not have its owned land for constructing buildings for learning and accommodation. It rents malls for lectures and offices these malls are kings-gate mall, siyani plaza, acacia mall including other study center such as Gulu and soroti study center.

A study has shown that majority of the students rent in the near by around the university.(kabalagala)

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A pie chart showing the number of students living in rentals

How ever lack of accommodation at the university affects the students academically, financially and other social life. security and high cost of living is the greatest challenge the students face, noise pollution and poor standards of the infrastructures.

Moses a student of international relations and diplomatic studies AT Cavendish University expressed his views about accommodation
Jaffer Muhammad student guild representative laments on accommodation
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