Accommodation at Islamic University in Uganda

A comfortable bed is good for resting
A comfortable bed is good for resting

Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) has two residential campuses; the main campus located in Mbale, Eastern Uganda and the Females’ campus, Kabojja, Wakiso District. The rest of other campuses; Kampala campus, Kibuli and Arua campus, Arua are non residential campuses.

The residential campuses have got hostels located within the precincts of the university campuses where female and male students reside separately. These hostels are;
Males Hostels
1. Abu Mayanja. Named after the first Rector of the university and a scholar of law the late Abubakar Kakyama Mayanja (RIP).
2.Othman.Named after one of the four celebrated caliphs of the Prophet (PBUH) Othman Ibin Affan, may Allah be pleased with him!
3.Abubakar.Named after the first caliph and prophet Muhammad’s closest companion, Abubakar Swiddiq. Peace be upon him!
4.Umar.This one was also named after the second caliph of the prophet (PBUH) and one of the greatest leaders Islam has ever produced, Umar Ibin Khattabi.
5.Block E. It is annexed to Umar Hostel

Females’ Hostels
1.Fatuma.It was named after the beloved daughter of the prophet.
2.Khadijah.Named after prophet Muhammad’s wife and mother of all believers Khadijah bint Khuwailid.
3.Hafswa.Named after caliph Umar’s daughter, Hafwa Bint Umar and one of the prophet’s wives. May Allah be pleased with her!
4.Aisha.Named after prophet Muhammad’s wife and daughter of caliph Abubakar Swiddiq. May the Almighty Allah be pleased with all of them!

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