Akatukwasa Duncan sworn in as Muni University Guild president 2018/2019

Akatukwasa Duncan (R) IS the new Guild President of Muni University 2018/2019

After three weeks of serious campaigns verbally and online, HE Akatukwasa Duncan was elected as the new Guild President of Muni University on Saturday 7th April 2018.

Aseru Jesca of Nursing Sciences was voted as the Deputy Guild President.

According to the Chairperson Electoral Commission, Mr. Herbert Baluku, the exercise started with application for vacancies by eligible Candidates, whose applications were scrutinized for a period of one week and approved. The open campaigns started on the 23rd of March and ended on 6th of April 2018.

The voting exercise went on smoothly without any violence and voter turn up was at 87%.

The newly elected Guild Members were sworn in and signed oath of allegiance and oath of secrecy after which they were handed office by the old Guild officials. Gifts were issued to the outgoing Guild.

Lovelyn Priscilla Kasowole, the former Deputy Guild President who represented the former Guild President HE Gerald Oola, who is currently in China congratulated the new Guild Cabinet upon making it through the elections adding that leadership is not a simple role, it is a responsibility, a call to serve and to be served urging them to serve with diligence and patience.

She thanked the University Management for their support to the Guild Government and the entire Students’ body for entrusting them in office to serve them.

The current Guild President HE Akatukwasa Duncan thanked the previous Team and the newly elected Team and promised to work better and address the challenges raised by the former Deputy Guild President in her report, committing to raise the mantle of leadership higher.

Hon Sabo Kamilo, Chairperson Student Affairs Committee of Council thanked the outgoing Guild Council and said the Governing Council was happy with the Student leadership which has been very exemplary, he urged the incoming leadership to uphold this culture saying they have seen clear outputs since last year, he cautioned them to focus on academics  and  continue to be exemplary as the old government has exhibited academic excellence. He in a special way thanked the outgoing leadership for mobilizing funds to go and support the primary school children in an effort to improve the performance of the schools.

Mr. Joel Aita, the Managing Director Joadah Consults, a collaborating Partner of Muni University, who came to grace the occasion in a motivational speech revealed that Muni University is going to produce some of the best students in Uganda as Muni has got some of the best software developers already. He said the courses taught in Muni are not for Job seekers but for job creators. He urged the students to;

  • Develop and keep a good imageMind the company they keep as one
  • is defined by their company Uphold
  • Uniqueness and Innovativeness
  • Be good ambassadors of the university as a university is not known by its structures but individual character, the good name of the university will take them very far.
  • Maintain good character.

The Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Christine Dranzoa thanked Mr Aita for the collaboration with the University in which they train students from the University during Internship. She commended the outgoing Guild, a very formidable team led by HE Gerald Oola and deputized by Miss Lovelyn Priscilla Kasowole adding she has given a very enriching report which should be archived.

She urged the Team to market the University as this will attract more Students hence more funds and resources for the Guild and the entire University.

She said the University is now sending Students to China, the United States and very soon Denmark a sign that we have to build our Alumnai, she requested the new Guild President to assign one of the Ministers to handle the issues of transition.

She congratulated Hon Duncan Akatukwasa and his team and thanked the previous Guild President for the wonderful experience and dedication saying they have done a wonderful job.

The outgoing Guild gave out gifts to the Vice Chancellor, Chairperson Students Affairs Committee, Faculty Dean and Dean of Students.

The event was concluded with a cake cutting and Dinner.

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