All Hail The New Land Cruiser Lc 300

All Hail The New Land Cruiser Lc 300

For the first time in the 13 generations of the land cruiser, Toyota has given its customers a new Land cruiser that is different from the last one (And not just a face lift) with earliest release dates set for 1st August 2021 land cruiser fanatics worldwide are excited to get a feel of the new car in their different markets. prices for the new land cruiser Lc300 are expected to be between $80,420 to $95,320 (ugx283,786,549 to ugx336,365,753) before taxes

Exterior: Toyota resigned the new land cruiser giving it a new distinctive look with a big front grill new LED. the car has been made boxier. The available Exterior colour choices include: Glacier White, Pearl White Metallic, Satin Silver Metallic, Graphite Grey Metallic, Raven Black, Attitude Black, Ruby Metallic, Avantgarde Bronze, Moonlight Ocean or Classic White colors

Interior:  a new redesigned practical interior, Toyota raised the controls on the dashboard for easy access, controls moved to the digital screen (Multi-Information Display) with climate control retained as buttons (both front and rear). All models have Apple CarPlay/Android Auto functionality. it also comes with a new finger print identification. The 5 or 7 seat options. In the 7-seat option the back seats fold electronically at the push of a button creating more cargo room.

Engine: To the disappointment of many it will not come with the v8 engines as standard.  two v6 choices, 3.5L twin turbo Petrol engine producing between 409-405Hp and 650NM of torque and 3.3L or 4.0L v6 diesel engine. Both come with a new ten-speed auto transmission. A hybrid option will be available at an undisclosed date.

Performance: the new land cruiser comes with new platform. The Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) creates a practical center of gravity, reducing the car’s weight while upgrading the power. the Electric Kinetic Dynamic Suspension offering a smooth and comfortable ride on the road and off-road, offers better performance of fuel economy (12L/100KM) to tire wear.

The land cruiser offers 6 driving modes i.e., Comfort, Normal, Sport, Sports plus, Eco and Custom. The new multi-Terrain system offers option for maneuverability by detecting the surface you’re driving on, and setting the car up for you in either Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mad or Deep snow. The cruisers come with a 360 view with a new camera at the bottom of the vehicle giving a driver   better view of the car all round and at the bottom. Down hill control for better downhill decent.

Safety features:  A new pedestrian and cyclist   detection system   helps driver reduce collision with oncoming pedestrians and cyclist. This feature will be very function in Uganda in regard to “boda bodas” reducing accidents and damages to the car especial in busy city traffic.  A new parking support system button has been added to complement the new electric parking hand brake button.

Gazoo Racing: Toyota has also revealed a GR Sport version of the new Land Cruiser will be available in the near future. But don’t get too excited. It’s more like a visual upgrade pack (different 18-inch alloy wheels and new black bumpers), than a rally spec performance edition’s

All in all, there is a new king (LC300) and his loyal subject can’t wait to see how he performs.   Will he follow the footstep of his ancestors or will he boldly step from their shadow and establish a new standard for excellence?

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