Arsenal is still ‘The Arsenal’ regardless of the poor start!

Arsenal is still ‘The Arsenal’ regardless of the poor start!

Nicknamed the ‘The gunners’, Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in English football and the most successful club in London, with over 62 million social media followers and over 125 million fans worldwide. Arsenal have won a total of 13 top flight titles and hold the record for the most FA Cup wins, with 14, followed by Manchester United with 12.

Arsenal has started off the season with one of their worst league starts since 1981-82, being in the 15th position with only 13 points in 11 games as of December 2020 and are now in 11th position with 31 points in 23 games. And to say the least this has been the lowest moments for the arsenal fans in their supporting history. Arsenal fans have long been stereotyped for the dissatisfaction they appear to feel and express towards their club. sometimes the regular low level grumbling will erupt with severe criticism and bitter feelings being aired.

Despite the worst start and the regular lows that have always befell arsenal, the fans have remained royal and really patient with the club, and one would be right to say its because the glorious times at arsenal are greater than the ‘lows’, and let’s look at the reasons why Arsenal fans have been stuck with the club

The invisible season: It was a season so breathtaking it will stand the test of time. There are simply no other words to describe such rare mastery of grueling English Premier League season. There were only 12 draws interspersed amongst 26 wins, but those 90 points stood on their own, there were no losses . The links with that invisible team may all be gone, but the memories will live on in the hearts and minds of every every single Arsenal fan. It is this that lends credence to the mastery, many teams will try for undefeated season, but its highly unlikely that will ever see it happen again.

Arsenal beautiful game play. The style of play Arsene Wenger “The professor” stablished at Arsenal has been one of the most attractive – if not the most attractive style in Europe. In Uganda we gave it a name “kawoowo”. Wenger turned the Arsenal into the charismatic and most loved team it is today, it has an appeal that is really hard to resist. The simple fact Arsenal created football icons that are loved and inspire the generation adds an extra charm to the team. Arsenal’s policy of giving young prodigies a chance to prove themselves has done a trick to the club, it was beautiful to see Francesc Fabregas playing at 16 years and grew to be one of the best midfielders in the world, and now we’re seeing 19 y/o Bukayo Saka and Garbriel Martinelli doing wonders at Arsenal you really love to see them play!

Apart from having a rich history, the club has a strong and wide fan across the world, with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and Olav V, King of Norway among the Royals supporting Arsenal and many other world celebrities like Idris Elba, Jamie Fox, The Game and and many others. You loved to hear the incredible atmosphere at the emirates with all fans singing in unison arsenal chants like “1-0 to the Arsenal”, “We all follow the Arsenal”, “We are Arsenal boys”, “Ooohh to be a Gooner” and many others. #YaGunnersYa #COYG

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