Assassination attempt on Minister leaves daughter and driver dead

Assassination attempt on Minister leaves daughter and driver dead

General Katumba Wamala’s daughter Brenda and the driver were shot dead today morning after unknown assailants sprayed their vehicle with bullets.

Gunmen sprayed bullets at the car carrying a Gen. Katumba, his daughter, and the driver on Tuesday morning.

This left the general injured and but his daughter and driver were killed.

Last month, Gen Katumba Wamala was escorted by his now-deceased daughter Brenda Wamala to the swearing-in ceremony at parliament to take oath as UPDF representative in the 11th parliament.

General Wamala and the daughter Brenda at the swearing-in ceremony

Images have been circulating on different social media platforms showing Wamala crying beside the car and his light-colored trousers splattered with blood. The images also show bullet holes in a car window and casings on the ground.

An image was also captured showing Brenda Wamala shot dead in the car.

Minister of Works and Transport Gen Katumba Wamala Survives Death
Brenda Wamala shot dead

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