How UGABUS saved my life

With the ever improving technology, it has become very easy for people to travel in a private car without owning one. One can actually come in a hired car (an Uber) and then pretend that they own it when they arrive. Anyway let me not get off topic I was telling you about UGABUS, So […]

FASHION TIPS: Your lipstick says a lot about you.

FASHION TIPS: Your lipstick says a lot about you.

Lipstick has been around from 300BC but the trend has come back of late, Women of all ages are wearing lipstick from the daring colours of Red, Pink, Nude among others. Most women wear lipstick without actually knowing that the colour of lipstick you wear says a lot about your personality and the way people […]

Is this the cabinet you want for Uganda?

Over the years, there have been many concerns expressed about Uganda’s cabinet. Apart from the high number of ministers who have to cost Uganda tax payers lots of money in maintenance, people usually raise concerns ranging from too old, too male, too western, to being educationally unbalanced, among others. Jane Bukenya Ndibarekera analysed the current […]