Automation Engineer at Guinness

Automation Engineer at Guinness

Uganda Breweries Ltd operates in a highly competitive market dominated by various domestic and imported brands. In a stiff competitive business UBL’s vision is to become the leading beverage industry.

It is therefore paramount to have the products in abundance to enable prompt delivery to her customers. To achieve this the plant must be well maintained using the latest modern maintenance techniques so that plant and machinery are availed all the time to support the manufacturing process and drive out cost to invest in growth.


  • Spirits/Brewing/Packaging –Drives EISC agenda through developing standards and procedures, coaching, training and working and acting as a link to engineering through communication in work stream meetings, Lead improvement projects in Spirits/Brewing/packaging to drive out maintenance cost, reduce breakdowns and improve equipment efficiency
  • Projects – Develop URS and CBP for procurement to initiate tender process, Manage day-to-day project activities on the entire site,  participate in evaluation of contractors with procurement, participate in tendering process with procurement
  • Procurement –Generate technical specification for purchase of spares, respond to technical queries during purchase process, sit in evaluation committee of contractors with procurement, sit in tender committee with procurement
  • Stores -Verification of received engineering spares against the specifications, spare validation and criticality analysis, advice on spares to restock based on criticality analysis to reduce spares inventory
  • Finance –support in identifying opportunities and project aimed at driving out cost in the processes like the ITF project to reduce maintenance cost
  • Safety: Ensure all project activities are carried out safely


Value of budget in control

  • The maintenance budget for the entire site is Ugx 1.3 Billion and CAPEX projects estimated at £5.9M
  • No of assets in control and accountable
  • All Brewing & Packaging machines.

KPIs directly responsible for

  • Security systems (camera & fire detection)
  • Process controls (Instrumentation & DCS)
  • Measuring instruments (lab and inline instruments)

Number and level of interaction with suppliers and Service providers

  • Engineering Contractors
  • Original equipment manufacturers (i.e. Krones)
  • Service providers for projects
  • Service providers for technical support

Market Complexity:

UBL operates in a market with;

  • 03 competing Breweries
  • a large number of spirit blending establishments and
  • a host of other imported beer and spirits brands
  • competition from the other drinks companies e.g. packed water, soft drinks and fruit juices

Which necessitates a robust management systems so as to be able to win and retain market share

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Analytical skills
  • Highly motivated individual, energetic and enthusiastic
  • Change oriented
  • Results oriented and good communication skills
  • Resourceful and be interpersonally effective
  • Awareness of business environment in Uganda
  • Project Management skills.
  • Contractor management skills
  • Safety management skills
  • Competent coach and facilitator of multi-disciplinary Continuous Improvement teams.

Top Accountabilities

  • Ensure proper operation and use of automation hardware & software along with all other computerized plant control systems in packaging, Brewing, & Spirit.
  • Perform SWOT analysis and develop business recovery plans for the automation infrastructure to counteract possible disaster and test their applicability.
  • Manage software and hardware modifications/upgrades in order to enhance better plant performance and utilization.
  • Train and develop systems team to ensure the required competency for all sections while allowing possible cross functioning in case of different automation backbones.


  • Identify, recommend and facilitate training of staff and new recruits in the use of the control systems that maintain the plant and on machine safety.
  • Provide technical assistance, guidance and training to the various process technicians operator, Technicians, Engineers and Shift Managers on best practices  and good operating practices (GOPS)
  • Ensure that quantities and quality delivered by suppliers fulfil the contractual        commitment on purchase orders at the point of receipt through spare verification.    
  • Controlling, monitoring and evaluating contracted works or projects to ensure effective execution and hand over as well as availability of all technical support documents and necessary user and technical trainings both on site and off the job.
  • Review and evaluation of all Technical Documents for site projects to ensure it meets its intended objectives.
  • Ensure all protection systems are up and running
  • Ensure calibration of all instruments is up to date for all in process and lab instruments
  • Repair & maintenance of all security, in process and lab instruments
  • Ensure there are enough available spares for all the above
  • Ensure system backups are up to date and available

Qualifications & Experience Required

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering
  • 5 years’ experience
  • Highly dedicated, dynamic and geared towards good results and continuous improvement.
  • Able to work under minimum supervision.
  • Change and team oriented.
  • Good decision making skills.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Able to plan, prioritize and organize.

Skills and Knowledge

  • A person of practical skills with a good level of theoretical knowledge both in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. Able to identify & correct operational faults on the property designed and installed plant of any complexity.
  • In depth knowledge of procedures and methods of equipment handling and safety at UBL.
  • Excellent maintenance skills based on hands-on-the- job.
  • Communication and presentation skills.
  • Good working knowledge of computer skills, programming and facilitation skills.
  • In depth knowledge of Manufacturing Management Principles and techniques and awareness of the general Business dynamics and the strategies in the region.
  • Knowledge of Brewing, Packaging and Utilities Operations
  • Planning, organizing and prioritizing maintenance jobs

Method of Application

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

Closing Date : 14 Nov, 2020

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