Bad Black’s wedding to be held in Zanzibar

Bad Black’s wedding to be held in Zanzibar

At the beginning of this month, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black got engaged to her boy friend Asha.

It is no longer news that the famous Bad Black will be walking down the aisle with her boyfriend Asha Panda with whom she has lasted over two years now.

However, it won’t be in Uganda, Bad Black surprises Ugandans when she revealed the venue for the wedding.

“The wedding will take place in Zanzibar,” she said while speaking to the media. She goes ahead to say that she wants few people at her wedding.

“I won’t hold the event in Uganda because I’ve traveled Uganda enough so I am taking it to Zanzibar. It’s a private wedding that won’t have just anybody,” Bad Black said.

Zanzibar has nice places, it’s an island with nice venues that make memories and love is about such memories. I’ve been to most places around so I want to go somewhere I’ve not been before, something new,” she added.

It will be good seeing Bad Black walk down the aisle and taking her vows.

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