Bbira Hostel.
Bbira Hostel.

Standing on principles of Christianity, Bbira Hostel visibly has a greater name to protect in moral attributes than any of its neighboring hostels in the greater Kikoni area.

This church of Uganda funded Hostel paints a ray of confidence in terms of the social moral attributes. The hostel only accommodates female students studying at Makerere University.

On the arrival of Campus Times crew, Bbira’s court yard is buried in immense silence except for the isolated movement of the occupants, custodian and the security officer.

Bbira is visibly typical of a home built on principles of calmness and gentility. The noises of loud music that boom from student rooms typical of many hostels is unheard of at this hostel. Indeed Bbira hostel is a home out of home.

Information breakdown

Hostel’s name:Bbira Hostel

Location: 80 meters off Sir AppolloKagwa opposite Grand global Hotel.

Gender specifications: For female students only.

Services available: Shuttle, standby power and water services in cases of outage and a lot of perks alongside basic accommodation services.

Charges: Classified but fairly good.

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