Be productive in this lock down

Be productive in this lock down

Universities are closed and no one knows when they are most likely to open. Its very important to do something productive as we await the Presidents directive on way forward. Here are the different ways you can be productive in this lock down as guided by Margaret Tumusiime a counseling psychologist

Learn something new

Most students spend their time on YouTube watching entertainment videos, celebrity gossip among other unproductive things, how about you spend at least 10 minutes learning something new everyday.

“The internet has so much useful information that could change your life for the best. learn a skill, watch inspirational videos, read about the world, business etc,” she says.


If you have land, this is a great season to dig and plant. Utilize this time to plant crops which will give you food the times you are back to school.

Help out at home

” So many students wake up at 10 am eat food, watch TV, eat lunch, sleep and that’s the routine. Why don’t you use this time to help out at home. Mop the house, slash the compound, cook food and let people feel your presence.

Teach others

Use this time to teach people at home something new, use your social media to inspire and educate others.

Read your books

Read your books once in a while to keep on track. It will be so sad to go back to school when you don’t remember the topics you covered.

Share with us your thoughts on what students can do to remain productive in this period.

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