10 Things That May Ruin Your Valentines Day

  1. Expecting Too Much

What have you done to make the day special for the both of you? Why do you expect too much from him/her ? Don’t you love him?. You realize that mutual understanding is paramount as a couple. If Last year’s Valentine was super good, sister that was before the Lockdown. Everyday is not a Sunday accept and be contented with the available resources.

2 . Diction

The life and death of your relationship entirely depends on the words you utter out. Be careful with your words, once they are said, they can only be forgiven but not forgotten. ‘ I don’t like it’, ‘Its Cheap’, ‘Who Cares’. Try to be positive because however small it is, some one invested in it, appreciate first and then later give your opinion if it really matters.

3. Don’t forget your Wallet

Some people ‘oba’ be how? How can you forget your wallet on Valentines Day ?. And who is going to believe you forgot it ?. Did you just intend to embarrass me?. This is not directed to men only, it is not a crime for a woman to move with some ka money on her.

4. Communication

What are plans for today ?. Early morning ask your lover the Day’s plot He may be afraid to tell you that his wallet is not happy, discuss the plan, gather recourses as a couple to make your day memorable. Remember, your happiness entirely depends on you.

5. A call from your Ex.

This is a day that people you left a long time ago remember that you meant something in their lives. As they Sleep in their beds reminiscing how much a sweet heart you were, calling to hear from you cannot skip their mind. Remember to block every Ex. on all platforms to avoid ruining your valentine with a new lover especially those that have a clue on your past love life.

6. Mood Swings

Because last time nothing happened, Valentines Day bored you now there is no hope for change. That was 2020 and this is 2021 wakeup very pessimistic of things changing in Jesus’ name. Your gloomy face does not put him in the mood but instead switching him off.

7. Be Punctual

Valentines Day is always on the 14th of February every year, your expected to be ready. Don’t look for the outfit on that real Day, people hate over waiting. There is Curfew also, you may delay and then end up in the cell, your day is 100% ruined.

8. Don’t put your phone in silence

People’s minds are focused on ‘love’ this day, just imagine someone rejecting your calls. A lot of things will cross your lover’s mind if you do not pick his/her call that day. Maybe your with someone else who is rich, handsome blah blah blah……….hmmmm.

9. Do not Pretend your busy

Who is not busy ? Love is full of sacrificing. At least, give her just an hour and make her fill special.

10. Mind the Music

Valentines Day is on Sunday this time! this is a day most people play gospel music in their houses. But this time round, Please mix because love is a sweet thing.

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