Big Eye Arrested At The Uganda National Theatre

Big Eye Arrested At The Uganda National Theatre

Uganda musician Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye was on Tuesday afternoon been arrested by the police at the National Theatre in Kampala.

The “olemwa” singer who walked to National Theatre with few hangers on dressed in black- T-shirts emblazoned with his name was rounded up and bundled onto a waiting Police truck before being driven to a yet unknown destination.

What started as a quiet conversation with a senior cop dressed in black uniform later escalated into a shouting and heckling match with shouting and flailing of arms taking center stage.

From a distance, Big Eye was heard shouting that he had turned up to vote for his candidate at the Uganda Musician Association elections.  He lost his cool when he was told that the elections had been postponed.

Police did what they do best under the circumstances. He was held by the trouser belt and dragged like a chicken thief to the waiting Police van. Big Eye never went down without a fight. As he was bundled on the truck, he aimed a horse kick at a policeman and it missed by a whisker.

Although the police are yet to  issue an official statement about Big Eye’s arrest,  Big Eye’s hangers on claimed he is likely to have been arrested over his latest song ‘Olemwa’, which is controversial and highly political  because of the  message it carries.

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