Budget – More taxes on beer,less boozing to campusers

Finance Minister, Maria Kiwanuka
Finance Minister, Maria Kiwanuka

Several taxes were increased on different items following the budget read by the finance minister, Maria Kiwanuka.

But to some youths, increased taxes on beers did not go down well with them.

“Some of us drink to forget problems caused by unemployment, but now we are going to worry more because we shall be forced to drink less or nothing…. ” a worried university graduate was hard complaining.

According to the Ugandan National Budget read, Maria Kiwanuka said the next financial year stands at 12trillion.
Shillings 8, 843.4b is expected to come from domestic revenues, shillings 49.6b from external funds,  shillings
2, 332.6b from project support and shillings 779.8b from domestic banking.

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