Business: Learn more about pellets in poultry keeping

Business: Learn more about pellets in poultry keeping

A pellet simply refers to a a small, rounded, compressed mass of a substance. Pelleted poultry feeds are those where all the ingredients are thorough mixed, compressed and molded into small rounded particles. Each pellet contains all the nutrients ranging from the proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and therefore it’s a complete meal for the chicken.

A concentrate on the other hand is in form of mash and contains all the ingredients except the broken maize. Therefore, you need to add broken maize to the concentrate in a ratio of 1:2 in order to complete the ration.

Birds fed on pellets always perform better than those on mash (all other factors kept constant). This is due to the various benefits of pellets highlighted below;

  • Reduces Salmonella, E. coli, molds and other bacteria, and destroys growth inhibitors, like trypsin inhibitors during processing: these could lower digestibility/ cause intestinal infections
  • The pelleting process solves mixing difficulties, incorrect particle sizes, and ingredient separation thus ensures uniform growth;
  • Produces a higher nutrient level, increases the availability of Vitamin E and B12, and improves digestibility thereby increasing the feed conversion ratio FCR: how many kilos of feed you need to raise a kilo of meat. BPIL recommended FCR is 1.8 i.e you need 3.2 kg to produce a 1.8kg broiler at 35 days.
  • Pelleting reduces waste of chicken feed, water soiling, and selective eating behavior in chickens
  • Reduces bulkiness of feed by 15 – 18%

At BPIL we provide a three-phase range of pelleted feeds for broilers i.e. starter fed for 1-14 days, grower fed for 15-28 days and finisher fed for 29-35 days. We also provide a full range of layer feeds in form of mash i.e starter fed for 4-5 weeks, grower fed for 2 months, developer fed for one month and floor layer given to laying chickens. We do provide concentrates for both broilers and layers.

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