Business Opportunities Within Kampala International University

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Balaala Compsystems at KIU

Apart from being an academic pillar, Kampala International University has one of the best platforms for a variety of business opportunities to blossom. this platform is open to students, lecturers, stakeholders, and members of the public.

A few individuals have already established different businesses at the University including restaurants, mobile money centers, small retail shops, stationary, internet cafes , plaiting saloons and printery services.

After graduation in 2004, Balaala Abudallah a kenyan stayed behind and started a printery and stationary business. Fifteen (15) years down the road, Balaala owns a spacious photo studio, printery and two stationary within KIU where he earns his and family daily bread.

Balaala said that there is alot of opportunities that need exploiting forexample, he says many students move from campus premises to trim hair and this would be the best opportunity for whoever opens up a barber saloon.

To start up a printery or stationary business within kiu requires one to have a computer,printer and at least two million shillings to carter for space hire, raw materials like reams of paper, electricity and at most computer knowledge.

Muhwezi Ivan, also former student at KIU owns a retail shop and bakery where he employs 2 more persons.

Rose Nuwabine a restaurant owner at the University said there is still enormous space for more restaurants in the campus premises because the student population keeps rising every year.

She has reaped big from her business and Rose is now a landlady. According to her, starting a business at KIU requires a sum of one million Uganda shillings.

Getting Business space at Kampala International University

However establishing business within the university premises undergoes some procedures and restrictions.

According to Flavia Nayebare, deputy director Estates Kampala International University, the first step is to apply to the estates department to get permission.

However, as Nayebare states that vacant business spaces are currently unavailable and only exist when an individual decides to quit business.

Other requirements include a letter from the chairperson, national identification and sometimes police letter or recommendation.

Businesses such as gaming, betting, sell of alcohol and drugs among others are not allowed on University premises .

Business spaces available

It should be noted that business-like saloons, bakery and restaurants still have a very wide space and market within the premises of the university for any business mind to explorer.

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