How to identify a real Ugandan

How to identify a real Ugandan

People are identifies according to what they do and how they associate with others in public. And if you want to find out who a Ugandan is, here we go; Sixteen things to know he/she is a Ugandan Goes to a restaurant and orders Mpaa nga Eyolii They are always dishing other people’s cars, especially the […]

Bad Black netted in Rwanda, handed over to Uganda police

Bad Black netted in Rwanda, handed over to Uganda police

Shanita Namuyimbwa, a.k.a Bad Black was discovered in Rwanda after fleeing to exile. Bad black had been  sentenced to Luzira prison for defrauding a company jointly owned with David Greenhalgh, her British lover. After being netted in Rwanda, she was handed over to Ugandan authorities at Katuna border.  She is expected to be taken to […]

Stephen Kiprotich wins gold again

 Stephen Kiprotich has made Uganda proud by winning gold in the marathon of the World Athletics Championships in Moscow. In 2012, Kiprotich unexpectedly won his first gold medal for Uganda and yesterday the Ugandan flag was lifted high again after  his victory. Congratulations. Long live Uganda, long live Stephen

UTODA buses hit Kampala streets

Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) has cleared UTODA AWAKULA ENNUME to run a bus service in the city. KCCA said that Utoda’s 200 buses would operate on designated routes in the city. The 12-months contract agreed on between the two parties include a monthly revenue of Shs300,000 per bus and maintaining bus fares of the […]

UCC starts switching off unregistered Sim-cards

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has started switching off unregistered phone users today 5th August 2013. Sim-card registration that started last year is aimed at reducing high crime levels in the country. The UCC public relations officer, Fred Otunnu said the switch off will last 12 hours before another group of unregistered sim-cards will also […]

Teargas as taxi drivers protest KCCA fees

It was a bad working day for traders in Kampala city today. Police have teargassed taxi drivers protesting Kampala City Council Authority’s (KCCA) decision to collect a monthly fee of 120,000 shillings. The running battles between anti-riot police and drivers forced city  traders to lock up their shops as they looked for more breathing air […]