How to Change Course, Subject and Study Period at Makerere University

When students are applying for university courses, they tend to fill courses without career guidance.

After some time, they feel that they made a wrong choice and hence lose interest in the courses. Others are given courses that are not of their interests. How about the study periods? Once one feels that a day study period is not favoring as he expected, he/she feels like shifting to evening or weekend study period. What do you do when given a course or subjects that you don’t have passion in or if the study period you chose is not favoring you??

Don’t just do it for the sake, you still have chance to change at Makerere University.

Harriet Kiiza, a third year student of Bachelor of Arts with Education (Literature and English) had been given History RSD and Literature but she personally hated History RSD. Though her friends discouraged from changing, Kiiza tried by filling a form from the senate building and paid six thousand Ugandan shillings. As challenges will always be part of life, Kiiza had to wait for one month for the Academic Registrar’s approval. She would attend the History RSD class and Literature class at the same time.

Okello Charles, also a third year student of BA Education explains how his university given course was not suiting his disability. An impaired visioned Okello had been given Community Psychology on government sponsorship which he felt would not favor him. Okello passed through a series of steps to get the course he wanted. He had to denounce his government opportunity course and is being sponsored by the disability scheme as a student of Bachelor of Arts with Education

In an interview with the Deputy Academic Registrar for Undergraduate admissions and records, Mr. Charles Sentongo, he explains how one changes the courses or programs, course subjects, study periods and even the campus. He says you apply online and pay 6000/=Ugandan shillings.

“There must be space and the applicant has to reach the cut off points” says Sentongo.

He further says that the changing period may seem too short but the university policy demands no extension of the period because students have to study.

What if you lose interest in one year after trying a certain course or subjects? Sentongo explains that continuing students have also chance to change to another course after one year. However, you don’t change after the half of the course. In response to why students marks are misplaced after changing from day to evening study period, he says students don’t bring back the change programme letter that confirms whether a student has wholly accepted to change and we cannot know if they accepted the offer or not.”

Sentongo says that if one is uncomfortable with the campus, he/she can be changed from either the main campus or up country campuses.
Tough as it may seem to be, changing a course, subjects, campus and study periods at Makerere is easy and cheap.

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