Chosen Becky claims that she is starting to look like Zari Hassan

Chosen Becky claims that she is starting to look like Zari Hassan

Talented singer Rebecca Kukiriza aka Chosen Becky has claimed how she has started looking like Zari Hassan.

All this started when Chosen Becky shared a collaged photo on facebook of herself and Zari and she revealed that the two had some bit of resemblance which her fans trolled.

Photo showing Chosen Becky’s post with Zari Hassan

“Ye nga ntandise okufaanana Zari the bosslady. Bantu bange kili kitya?” literally meaning “I have started resembling Zari. My people, how is that?” she captioned the photo.

This did not go well after her fans giving her a taste of their bitterness in the comment section as many attacked her saying that her nose is bigger than that for Zari.

Some went ahead to tell her she could may be try to resemble her with more make-up.

Where did this start from?

Chosen Becky failed to control her excitement after seeing a video of socialite Zari singing and dancing to her song “Kapyata.”

The musician first revealed to her fans how excited she was and how she couldn’t control herself seeing her “majesty Zari” the boss lady dancing to her song.

“Your majesty Zari, what have you done to the village girl? However happy I have been in life, this is extremely killing me to the extent that I am crying.” She added.

This is when she followed the expression with a picture of her and Zari claiming that she looks like Zari.

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