City bus made me miss a Lecture.

Passengers ready to board pioneer easy bus.(Photo-

 Time check is 8:30AM, and already at Centenary in a queue into the city bus to Kyambogo stage at Banda. The weather was student friendly, and more so to me since I had not carried an umbrella with me.

After lining up for about 15 minutes; I found my way in. The Bus finally sets off at 9:30 from Centenary Bank for Bweyogere.  Before reaching Jinja Road traffic junction, the bus had made five stops before the sixth one at the traffic lights.

My watch was reading 9:50, and the lecture at campus was already on. I couldn’t believe it, but I had to take a humble pie. I started regretting as to why I boarded pioneer easy bus.

 All was not as easy as I thought easy bus would be. It was my first time to use it and perhaps my last. After missing a lecture due to the bus’ endless stops, I realized cheap things are never cheap.

That was it with me, I believe others are enjoying the affordable services of city bus!

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