COVID 19: UK registers surge in new cases as third wave launches in

COVID 19: UK registers surge in new cases as third wave launches in

As several continents are battling with the easiest way possible to overcome the Pandemic COVID-19 and all the effects it came with, each is undertaking the possible measures to minimize and probably eliminate it.

Several countries, for example, Uganda, are currently facing a second wave that is targeting the majority who are the children and youth.

Thousands of people through public medical centres, private medical centres, companies, organisations and at are individual basis are endeavouring to secure and take the first COVID-19 jab.

Unlike in UK, signs of early stages of the third wave of coronavirus infections have been identified, as a scientific advisor to the UK Government said.

Prof Ravi Gupta, from the University of Cambridge, said although new cases were “relatively low” the Indian variant had fuelled “exponential growth”.

On Monday, the UK reported more than 3,000 new Covid infections for a sixth day in a row.

Scotland is at the beginning of a third wave of Covid, according to the country’s national clinical director

He said: “Of course the numbers of cases are relatively low at the moment – all waves start with low numbers of cases that grumble in the background and then become explosive, so the key here is that what we are seeing here is the signs of an early wave.”

However, he said the number of people who had been vaccinated in the UK meant this wave would probably take longer to emerge than previous ones.

We’ve heard a lot recently about the small rise in cases across the UK, especially linked to the more transmissible variant first identified in India, now known as Delta.

The UK’s latest coronavirus data looks encouraging, a government adviser has said, amid a debate over whether to end restrictions in England on 21 June. AFP

Here’s some of the latest local outbreaks that we’ve reported on today:

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