COVID19 Lock-down: Key Policy Directives from President Museveni’s 13th Address on Coronavirus in Uganda

President Museveni
President Museveni

As of 4th May 2014, Uganda had registered 89 people who had tested positive with Coronavirus. Fifty five (55) had recovered and discharged from hospital.

Below we bring you the Key policy directives from the presidential address on Covid-19 update made on 4th May 2014 by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

1. Food markets will stay open
2. Airport and borders stay closed.
3. Wholesale shops to open
4. Hardware shops to open
5. Garages to open
6. Metal and wood workshops to open
7. Insurance providers to function
8. Quotas of lawyers to be permitted to work
9. Restaurants to open but only for takeaways.
10. Warehouses to open.
11. Schools plus other facilities that attract large numbers to stay closed
12. Public and private cars still not operational. Only private cars with stickers to move.
To facilitate those working, use marked buses, walk or cycle.
13. Its mandatory to wear cloth masks in public.

All other earlier protective measures stay in place for another 14 days.

You can watch the video below of the 13th address by H.E Yoweri Museveni on COVID19 lock-down in Uganda 

“With these limited measures of opening-up in the first phase, we should maintain the other measures of social distancing ─ staying at least four (4) meters from the next person even in the factory or any other work-place, regularly sanitizing surfaces such as table-tops, doorhandles and factory floors, eating fruits and taking vitamins, etc…”, he further emphasized.

You can also read Yoweri Museveni full speech below

President Museveni’s Ad… by The Campus Times on Scribd

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