Dating: Have you ever been friend zoned; here is a way out

Friend zoning may not be a familiar term to all my readers. So I will start by defining the term. Friend zoning is what ladies do to guys whom they cannot out rightly reject and kick out of their circles.

In other words; you go to a girl, tell her what’s up and she suggests that you should remain good friends instead of taking things to another level.

If you posed for a minute to analyze her reaction you would know that by doing that, the girl is saying albeit subtly that she doesn’t feel your vibe, you’re still a young boy who knows little or nothing about how to care for a woman, incapable of satisfying her needs and therefore who deserves no place in her heart. At least she can still stand having you around as a friend. In case you are fixed in such a situation, reach out to a therapist at

You never know. At one point you may be of some use somewhere, somehow. But all that will be wrapped in the simple statement “You know what Zak, you are such a great friend and I appreciate that, I guess we should just keep things the way they are.”

Off course if you’re still naïve and inexperienced in the love game, you will go back unsure of how to feel. You will want to suppress the feeling of rejection. You’ll think of how politely she brushed off your advances. You’ll imagine that her politeness in the matter springs from a genuine concern for you and you’ll make the biggest mistake that guys make.

The futile attempt to build on such shaky ground and even launch their nets deeper imagining that perhaps one day she will change her mind and embrace their love.

The truth is that she won’t.  Never be deceived by the smile accompanying the polite rejection. It is all acted out to protect your ego. Women can be that evil.

Perhaps she may change her mind. We can’t rule that out but it that’s likely to happen after 5 years, just after you have told her of your plans to marry the other girl. Of course instead of wishing you well, she will protest, arguing that she had started having feelings for you and that therefore you had no reason to look in other directions for a potential spouse.

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