Digital Skills will Make you Stand Out in the line of Job Seekers

Digital Skills will Make you Stand Out in the line of Job Seekers
Digital skills amongst employers- employees
Companies today recruit people in relation to their digital skills.

Most people still disregard the impact of digitization especially digital media and its role in the job market. However, it has eased life and the way businesses operate.

Imagine how difficult it would be  selling a used up phone, all by your own without the aid of digital technologies. It would require you to move places searching for potential buyers.

Although the world is embracing digital means at a fast rate, the usage is still largely for socialization, breaking the ice and entertainment.

Today, many companies have stepped up to educate communities on how to benefit from the development of digital media for-example website designing and digital advertising. Visit or Contact Ultimate Multimedia Consult for any of your digital skills you need to acquire.

Here are some digital skills that can make your CV heavy and make you among job seekers.

Social Media

Today we talk of social media manager and influencers.  Social media is now the major source communication and information bridging the gap between manufacturers and consumers. Can you imagine now communication companies like telecoms and television have now turned to social media for publicity!

Having skills on conducting social media ads and dealing with the community will act as an added advantage.

Search Engine Marketing

Marketers use search engine marketing (SEM) to attract traffic to their websites. The traffic generated can be turned into potential customers for their brands.

A SEM experience will be able to increase the visibility of a company’s website on a search engine (e.g., Google) primarily via paid advertising. By doing so, the business will attract valuable web traffic from the search engine results page.

Job seekers need to have a working knowledge of search marketing if they can understand the bigger context of their job function.

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Analytics typically go hand-in-hand with SEM. Analytics help marketeers to understand customer behavior. This will enable manufacturers figure out his/her customers’ needs.

The key to analytics is knowing what data to collect and measure in order to improve the next campaign. Many companies wish to recruit people with the analytics skills to add value to their brand.

Content Marketing

Content comes in many forms – blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, even social media status updates.

The content marketing strategy works with optimizing keywords and advertising campaigns, while keeping in mind the nature of content you post.

Content is crucial in driving brand awareness and can establish brands or influencers as thought leaders. Therefore new hires need to understand the importance of creating not just content, but content that is relevant to keyword research and optimizing them in a strategy.


Most companies use emails to launch campaigns, conduct researches and reach out to their clients. The beauty with emails is that it is hard to change unlike social media accounts that can be changed overtime.

That is why professionals that understand the power of email to connect directly with consumers are in high demand.


Since smartphone traffic now exceeds desktop traffic, it’s clear that mobile is the future.

Having a mobile-friendly webpage can enhance your search presence amongst consumers who do not have access to desktops.

Jobseekers can use this knowledge to their advantage by optimizing campaigns to make use of the latest developments in mobile search and user experience.

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With the ever lowering reading culture, video is the way to go.

Video as content is easier to consume than a typical blog post. It is also more entertaining and appeals to millennials.

By combining the emotional power of social video with the reach and scope of digital advertising, markets can tap into a growing market of engaged consumers.

A job seeker with videography and photography abilities will stand out more than his or her counterparts.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult offers all of the above mentioned services and facilitates Digital learning.

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