Do women wear makeup for men?

Do women wear makeup for men?

Society has in most cases branded all ladies who love their makeup as attention seekers on a rampage of trying to attract men. While this is to some extent true, there is a vast other reasons why women will not miss their foundation, eyelashes or blusher.

Women wear makeup for themselves. It is largely worn for gratification purposes. While not ruling out the fact that some women wear it to impress the opposite sex, others just have it on to feel good. Nothing beats the confidence one has when they know that everything about them is on point. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they feel ugly without it.

Makeup is trendy. Facial and body embellishments have evolved from generation to generation. With every invention in this arena, women are willing to try it out. “I like makeup and use it because it’s generally considered classy,” says Dorcas, an ardent makeup user from Entebbe. If you talk about flexibility; the ability to move with the changing world, and still criticize a woman who’s loving and exploring her makeup, chances are that you are getting the concept wrong.

I’ve heard several people giving it sarcastic names like Sadolin (Famous paint brand). Actually, they are somehow right. Roman playwright Plautus once said, “A woman without paint is like food without salt.” Even so, some prefer their food without salt.

Makeup gives women a chance to “put right” what they couldn’t correct o their own. With products like concealer, one is able to hide disturbingly visible black spots or make botched eyes look more alive. It’s definitely a savior during facial emergencies. Doris from Zana says, “I apply makeup to cover up stubborn pimples on my face.”

Makeup is art; reason why those who specialize in it are called makeup artists (MUAs). The creativity one exercises while perfecting an eyebrow, contouring and highlighting is exceptional. Not everyone is able to exhibit it. Monalisa Mutoni aka Mona, a Kampala-based MUA says she looks at a clean face the same way a typical artist would a piece of plain canvas. They use their power to add sophistication to an ordinary face just through the swipe of a brush.

For some, makeup is for expression. It is able to bring out a personality that someone wishes to define about them. For instance, a lady who wants to make a bold, outgoing statement is likely to go for brighter shades of lipstick like red or pink, or even a thick eyebrow. Those who wish to apply makeup but retain their natural look will opt for nude hues.

Whichever way you choose to present that beautiful face, with or without makeup, keep slaying!

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