Dre Cali Pays Tribute to Media Power Couple Canary and Sasha Mugume

Dre Cali Pays Tribute to Media Power Couple Canary and Sasha Mugume

Dre Cali has started the year 2022 meaning business. Mpaka records is firing from all cylinders dropping, Best Thing, a new love ballad with a video to accompany it.

According to the description off the star’s You Tube page, Dre Cali sings this beautiful song for all the lovers in the world.

 In this video, the celebrated news anchor, Canary Mugume and his beautiful wife Sasha Ferguson wed each other with a beautiful song that they requested Dre Cali to make.

The song is a smooth laid back love ballad whose visuals unfold with a tuxedo draped Cali sitting at the keys of a classic piano.

His soulful vocals open up a magnificent scene from Canary Mugume’s multimillion wedding in which Canary and wife are resplendently exchanging vows at the altar.

The song primarily serves as a soundtrack to the nostalgia that comes with Canary’s very much talked about wedding.

Various shots of the youthful love birds’ wedding are interspersed with Cali’s as he celebrates love in not only Mugume’s context but the world at large.

The sleek visuals are directed by Ivash who has worked with a couple of other household artistes as well.

The video reignites wedding fever and rings the euphonious bells of love and passions.

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