Dream World Hostel.
Dream World Hostel.

What is at Dream World is actually the typical character of their neighborhood. The hostel stands in a community with so many other business men and women offering similar services in a general lifeline of their competitors.

Dream World hostel however seems to be having a quite unique security and watch full of every entrant.

Yet the hour of our arrival seems a pick one with lots of Makerere University students coming in; the hostel shuttle is roaring in waiting for the next batch to campus- Makerere University, the security officer is able to detect we are strangers at the facility and begs to our service.

“Security is number one here”…the security man jovially says as he ushers us in.

Information breakdown
Hostels name: Dream world Hostel
Location: Makerere Kikoni
Gender specification: Mixed
Services available: Transport, Basic accommodation services.
Charges: Ranges from Ushs 500,000 and above depending on the class needed.

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