Eddy Kenzo Expresses Love In Kadongo Kamu

Eddy Kenzo Expresses Love In Kadongo Kamu

Singer Eddy Kenzo has explained that he grew up listening to it and it has great messages which can develop the nation.

He came out on his social media platforms to express his love for Kadongo Kamu.

“It is difficult for anyone who grew up in the central region not to have listened to Kadongo Kamu. People are forgetting that it’s the foundation on which Ugandan music has been built.

It’s where many musicians have got their inspirations and it identifies us. Kadongo Kamu is cultural music and culture should be respected as well,” he said.

Since he did a song titled Tubidemu with Karole Kasita with the video shot on September 14, Kenzo promised that as soon as the video is released, he will release his Kadongo Kamu song, which he has already finished recording.

“Kadongo Kamu has never faded as people think. It’s just that the artistes have lost hope as they don’t stage concerts like other music genre artistes who fill up big stadiums and this has made them think that people are not interested in Kadongo Kamu.

The reality is that the genre is still selling out and people drive their cars while listening to Kadongo Kamu because of its vital messages,” Kenzo said.

When asked whether he doesn’t fear to be called ‘local’ because most people think the genre is mostly done by local musicians, Kenzo replied that he is an international artiste, but local in his country, so he is not bothered by anyone.

Kenzo noted that he is doing Kadongo Kamu purposely for his local Ugandan audience. He clarified that the international audience will be catered for with the music they understand.

When asked about who will be his first Kadongo Kamu artiste to collaborate with, he said he is not looking at collaborating since he has already produced his Kadongo Kamu song so far for the year.

He seemed more interested in releasing one song per year such that he inspires others who think that the genre died.

He thinks that Kadongo Kamu artistes have been producing less songs so he urged them to start releasing songs time to time to feed the audience.

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