Endless tracking of dreams pains but rewards- MUST Guild President Simeon Eloba

Endless tracking of dreams pains but rewards- MUST Guild President Simeon Eloba
Mbarara University Guild President 2015 2016 ,Simeo Eloba
Mbarara University Guild President 2015 2016 ,Simeo Eloba

Mbarara university of Science & Technology (MUST) guild President Simeon Eloba is an open minded young man of detail. Simeon is replete and so articulate of a wide range of subjects that a simple phone call to ask for an interview with this reporter was welcomed with utmost readiness.

“Truly you are most welcome I am eagerly waiting to talk to you”

“I am eagerly waiting to talk to you” is a rare statement in the diction store of a politician especially in reference to a phone call from the media.

When I asked why he was eager to talk to Campus Times, Simeon pointed to a bear that gives most politicians sleepless nights; Accountability.

“You see, we must keep leadership clean at all times and we must be ready to account,” Eloba says

The way this studious medical student switches from matters related to medicine to issues of governance with intellectual wealth is admirable. Eloba has studied the African political economy right from the post colonial period to current. He deciphers the African political story with the passion and earnestness quite rare not only his peers but his professional colleagues.

Perhaps the love for what he calls “Political-Socio Accountability” is what has driven his passion about issues of good governance. But he prefers to call it peripheral.

Eloba knows the nature of the society in its current form, and his medical crafting has enabled him to find a better prescription for it. He says that he understands the aspirations of this generation and that should be the foundation stone of leadership.

It better be seen possibly working, that is his mantra, Eloba is passionate about changing the game of leadership for this generation.

“This generation of leadership must be driven by issues that matter to a wider public since society has moved on from earlier social political ills and young people want something better” he asserts.

The need to create a game changer in the political administration is what prompted the 23 year old, born to an accountant father and a civil servant mother in the humble hamlets of Seeta near Kampala throw in a towel when guild cabinets before him at Mbarara university of Science & Technology (MUST) were not “performing to their expectations”.

Simeon Eloba, the guild President of Mbarara University of Science and Technology
Simeon Eloba, the guild President of Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Eloba has a long list of issues on his desk. However, the task of the guild council living to it’s expectations is paramount for a man whose campaign rotted around creating a better MUST every student should be proud of. Students must get value for the money the institution bags from them.

To him, dreams are achievable if only their pursuers can stick to the principle that govern them. Even the dream to a better MUST for all is possible; Eloba has learnt from that the nations’ chief political actors who pursue issues they believe in as relentlessly.

“I admire people like Erias Lukwago, General Elly Tumwine and many others not because I am aligned to their political parties and ideologies but what matters are the goals they stand for” he says.

In his trademark “cowboy talk”, Eloba uses street language to share the secret to young men and women who have dreams of leadership but find the mountain so high to climb. “Stick to the principle” he advises. He emphasizes that an endless tracking of dreams and aspirations is a painful but rewarding Journey.

This is the journey of a better African for this generation. Eloba says he has started not to look back. Not even can the nature of his profession can wrestle this dream that wells deep within his soul.

For the young ladies, sorry you are just late Eloba prefers not to mention her but she has been key in offering the compassion and support with which the determination for a brilliant career in his life is grounded.

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