Examination stress caused me a stomach attack

Examination stress.Last minute reading is bad
Examination stress.Last minute reading is bad

Read like there is no tomorrow, stress for a retake will be a mystery

After spending sleepless nights book worming for an examination paper, I got shocked after realizing that I could only attempt one question in the whole paper.

I surely wasted my time reading off topic. As others were busy answering the questions, I was just imagining how the three hours allocated to the examination paper were too many because I had no data to put on the examination answer sheet.

I developed a stomach attack indeed. And on moving out, a clique of campus students started bragging and discussing how cheap the paper was.

I immediately developed headache. I was about to develop a heart attack, only that this did not happen. But the stress was too much that I even lost the interest of reading for the next day’s examination paper. 

I really needed the help of a counselor to kill off examination stress because I felt I was already in hell.

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