Explore your valentine fantasies at home

Explore your valentine fantasies at home

Valentine’s Day is a day one chooses to show do something memorable for love with the intention of leaving a mark. This here is specifically for the couples who would love it make use of their home to re-ignite the fire of love.

Having the house strictly accessible by only the person you plan to surprise will do great magic. Those who have children may consider sending them to a relative, waiting for them to go to bed or choose a specific room to make use of.


Decoration plays a role in creating a great ambiance for the occasion. Red roses are commonly used to beautify the room but if you cannot get them, use any natural flowers or baloons. The decoration is done differently for each setup.


A clean, neat and fresh room combined with white bed sheets is a mood booster. Neatly lay the bed, have some fabric décor, valentine themed throw pillows and rose petals draped all over the bed.

On the side coffee table add a bottle of wine, wine glasses, candles and roses properly aligned on the table in case you need a drink up.

Dining area

Do not opt for expensive items. Personalise your table with soft colours like white pink or blending red with white to make it sweet. On top of the table, you can drop some minimal red petals.

The plates, glasses and cutlery used should be classy and well-aligned to create beautiful scenery. Add some candles to the table and preferably they should be scented.

The food presentation should top-notch for purposes of décor.

Foods to eat

Make your spouse’s favourite food but usually, dry foods will leave you with less work and will give you more time to talk over your relationship.

Light snacks are also fun since these can be ordered from out or prepared earlier. Top this up with fruits or chocolates.


You do not have to be obvious with red wine, go shop for your spouse’s favourite drink or make some natural juice from home.

Dress code

Staying at home should not affect your dress code. For the women a black, red, or white little dress is perfect or even lingerie depending on what you intend to achieve. For the gents, you can dress in casual jeans and a T-shirt for comfort.

Gift delivery mode

Gifts are the most exciting part of the day, so creatively doing it will leave a lasting impression. An early delivery by a delivery man, placing the gift at your spouse’s favourite spot, have them treasure hunt and personally deliver the gift.

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