Finally, Dad to Full Figure’s baby known!!

The speculations of who fathered the child with Full Figure will have to be put to rest soon.

Full Figure last year gave birth to Pearl Kairos Museveni, and yet the the father of the baby boy has not been known.

This has troubled social media in-laws and the followers to make speculations of who the father might actually be.

Shortly, after the birth of Pearl Karios, the followers were quick to congratulate her and pointed to the then deputy director, late Col Shaban Bantariza as the father to Pearl.

When the romours of Late Shaban Bantariza faded, new romours emerged pointing the baby father to events organiser, Bajjo of Bajjo Events.

However in a twist of events, a young man supposedly in his early twenties a one Fred Kiggundu a.k.a Simple K Ug left many in shock when yesterday, he came out and he claimed paternity over the Full Figure’s baby.

He made these claims while appearing on SPARK TV, demanding a DNA test be run, saying he is sure that the baby is his and only a little verification is needed for everything to fall in place.

“Unless Full Figure bribes the people in charge of the DNA test to alter results, the tests will come out positive proving that the child is mine,” he assured the viewers.

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